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                                                                                                                   June vol. 2 issue 6

Brothers and Sisters, June 6thmarked the seventy fifth anniversary of the invasion to liberate Europe from Nazi tyranny. Almost all of us have a father, uncle or some other relative who was somehow involved in this great enterprise. We have among us someone who participated in the battle and somehow managed to survive that deadly day but not without a cost.

We wish to honor Frank Pupura, not because he is a member of our organization, but because he risked his life for his country and for us. Frank was wounded on D Day and was awarded the Purple Heart, America's oldest military decoration. Frank, we can never pay the debt that we owe you but we can offer you our gratitude and say Thank You!


This month's meeting will be back at the Five Star Veterans Center on June 15th at 6:30pm


Picnic and Bocce Tournament

The Sons and Daughters of Italy Picnic and Bocce tournament at the Italian American Club was well attended and a smashing success. There was plenty of food to go around and no one left hungry. The bocce tournament was exciting and and very competitive. Our two bocce stars, Joe Pecorella and Hank Pelz, crushed the opposition to claim the tournament title.


Art Gallery Visit

Five of our members visited the Cummer Gallery and Gardens on their Tuesday free admission evening. We were all impressed with the very comprehensive collection of paintings and sculptures representing the finest artists in European art history. We also visited the Cummer gardens which is the least known and under appreciated feature of the museum.

The overall garden features four very different garden styles including an English, Italian and a sculpture garden. Because of damage done by hurricane Irma, the English garden was closed for repairs but we wandered through the others accompanied by a cool breeze off the river. Afterward, we enjoyed a late evening snack at a local Mexican restaurant.


Ice Cream Social

On June 2nd, we had our ice cream social and bunco party at Margie Rimmer's and as usual, everybody had a great time at Margie's. We had a great turnout of twenty four players and had plenty of ice cream to devour. Thanks to Margie for hosting and to those who assisted Margie plan and assist in it's success.

Another Ice Cream Social is in the planning stages for August 4th , so stand by.


Happy Birthday

This month we are celebrating the birthdays of Maurice Cooper (June 6th), and Marylin Sorrentino (June 15th). Because we do not meet in the month of July, we will also celebrate the July birthdays this month. So Happy birthday July babies Joan Pickett (July 8th), Hank Pelz (July 12th), and Nino Struzzi (July 14th). Everyone have the best birthday ever!


Restaurant Night

There will be no restaurant night in June.



The Good of The Order

Please pray for the repose of the souls of our deceased members and the needs of our current members.




Please remember, we take the month of July off, so we do no meet in July.